Emotion – Forces Materialization Of The Physical

Human’s emotion is the dynamo forcing materialization of things in the physical.

The Delusional-Illusion Uses Your Emotions To Feed Itself
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Sadness can not be controlled.
Sadness means you understand something.

The emotion of Fear drives the emotion of Anger.
Anger and Fear can be controlled.
The TV and the Media, the governments all promote Fear and Anger.

Do Sadness:
It is wholesome and healthy for you.

Do Sadness, and don’t be controllable.

Shed the Control Collar Habit You Still Have That Is Used On You!
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The mass collective realm is accessed very briefly during the sleep time.
There the subconscious mind is at work during sleep.
Media programs the subconscious mind with Fear.
The media shows things that are designed to produce Anger.
Fear and Anger can be controlled. They can be directed.
Fear and Anger always produce amplification.
That amplification always goes into the mass collective realm during sleep.
The mass collective realm drives manifest materialization to happen.
That manifest materialization happens at the physical level.
The volume of amplification supports the mass collective realm.
The more Fear and Anger there is, the more manifest materialization happens.

Sadness happens along with understanding.
Understanding can not be controlled.
Stop being Fearful.
Stop being Angry.
Allow understanding.
Allow sadness.

We can “… we prevent extremism from spreading …”
We can stop the stuff we don’t like.


Assignment ⇒ "BE" Consulting 'energy-sensitive' | Acadia University San Jose, California — As Red Pill Robert, i am Retired from the grind. — My job now is to “BE”, not “do”.

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