The perfume of Oneness arrives through babies.
“I have known you Forever.”

The awakening across all ages and across the globe can happen very quickly, even instantly.
“I have known you Forever” would make sense to the babies and even 110 year old men and women, and to Oneness.
Like the sweetness of tea’s color pervading water in the sunlight, the awakening can be, all at once, or grow slowly as we see it happen to steeping tea when we start our day.
Has something happened to you recently that you found both odd and good all at the same time?
The  will amplify this arrival. It will guide this arrival as is useful for what works to support the change. It will amplify what is needed to smooth the ease and grace away from what was the experience that the Delusional-Illusion has had to endure thus far- – its anguish of Unknowingness and Fear … until now.


Assignment ⇒ "BE" Consulting 'energy-sensitive' | Acadia University San Jose, California — As Red Pill Robert, i am Retired from the grind. — My job now is to “BE”, not “do”.

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  1. Unity. “I have known you Forever” Oneness. The point in journey when the origin and destination are known to be the same place. Delusion illusions are necessary when training and preparing the stone. Perfect will it fit in the collective wall. The droplet and the ocean were never apart. Father & Son to grow, learn endure and rise above. We have always know this yet few hold sway when the darkness is all around. A few, such is the way. The lamp shines most in the deepest of night. The Oneness is our immoral ideas found and re-found by the same eyes. All must evolve. The two become One.

    • Thank you for your contribution, Marcus. The process and the agenda of #TheWhatIsNeededRule is proceeding well and accelerating, it is amplifying more and more in each focus of “NOW”.