NO MORE … Church of Thwarting

I went to too many Masses at The Church of Thwarting today.
I did this all just to get my fix of needing a False-Other.
I have been trained to have a False-Other as my addiction to the Delusional-Illusion.
[indoctrinated to worship and need more and more false stimulus],
which is what is THE HIDDEN

 (the hidden = the need to worship at the Church of Thwarting
… something thwarting me, something thwarting you;
me thwarting me, me thwarting you … and on and on).

Church of Thwarting = the church of getting more stimulus,
                                    = any stimulus at all,
                                     any stimulus will do.

Church Of The Poison Mind

Assignment ⇒ "BE" Consulting 'energy-sensitive' | Acadia University San Jose, California — As Red Pill Robert, i am Retired from the grind. — My job now is to “BE”, not “do”.

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